GrowthChart For Parents

The Benefits of GrowthChart at Home and School

Engage With Your Child's Teacher

Enjoy access to the information captured by your child care provider using GrowthChart anytime and anywhere. Use information from daily sheets and developmental milestones to engage in dialogue with your provider about your child's development. Review information before conferences and meetings with administrators/teachers to be better prepared for the discussion.

Use GrowthChart at Home

Access to your child's information from their day at school is included with your center's use of the GrowthChart program . Enjoy the same freedom of GrowthChart's hands-free technology at home. Parents can register to use GrowthChart through their school and download the application for free. Is your child's school not using GrowthChart? Encourage them to check-out GrowthChart by clicking the link above or register to use GrowthChart for yourself by clicking the "Get Started" button above.

Chart Your Child's Development

Understand more about the developmental milestones your child is achieving during their day at school. Combine this information with your child's achievements at home to chart your child's motor, language and social/emotional development.  

Voice Controlled Technology

Enjoy the perks of voice controlled technology in your home. Play music to sooth your child during sleep, turn lights on and off, check schedules, set reminders, control your TV, reorder diapers and many other free applications.