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Bring Hands-free Technology To Your Classroom!

Focus on The Children

Your students need and love your attention. However, it's not possible to maintain focus on your students with the current options for documentation of information for daily sheets, observations, incident reports, etc. The current options are to use logbooks, computers and/or tablets to manually capture the required information. GrowthChart is your hands-free solution! It allows you to capture real-time events and observations without losing focus on what's important...your students ♥

Keep Families Informed
Keep parents happy with instant information regarding their child, delivered via email to their laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. Provide daily sheets (diaper changes, nap times, food intake, etc.) with a simple voice command prior to pick-up. Send updates regarding upcoming events, illnesses, and appointments. Encourage them to monitor their child's progress and daily events by using GrowthChart at home.
Automate Classroom Documentation

Generation of the necessary classroom documentation for parents, licensing and/or accreditation entities takes over 30 minutes per day per teacher (using the current manual processes). Additionally, observations are not typically captured at the time of an event, leading to possible inaccuracies in the recorded information. GrowthChart eliminates both of these issues by automating the entire process. GrowthChart allows educators to record observations hands-free with just their voice at the time of the event. The observations captured in your classroom's database can be retrieved and customized with ease for generation of daily sheets, summaries for parent-teacher conferences, reports for accreditation entities, etc. 

Bring Technology into the Classroom

Get the technological gears in your classroom spinning by taking advantage of GrowthChart and voice activated technologies to be your classroom's digital assistant. Need to play music to practice for your upcoming skit at the annual school gathering? Ask your digital assistant to play music in an instant. Kids struggling with sharing a favorite toy again? Ask your digital assistant to set a timer to establish clear boundaries for sharing. Use your classroom's digital assistant to set classroom schedule reminders, communicate between rooms (intercom system), place orders for supplies, make calls...the possibilities are endless!