Feature Overview

Hands-free Documentation

GrowthChart's hands-free voice assistant let's early childhood educators capture anecdotal observations for daily sheets, child portfolios, parent-teacher conferences and assessments - literally without lifting a finger! Just speak commands to your Google Home Mini smart speaker such as "Dylan, Diaper, Wet" or "Diego Dylan Sarah, Breakfast, Oatmeal with Mango".

Bring Peace of Mind to Parents

Our childcare software let's you communicate with parents effortlessly via email or text. Bring new parents peace of mind by sharing photos and updates. Remind multiple parents at once to bring a coat for winter or just let one know they need to bring more diapers.  Do it all via VOICE (or our app)!

Efficient Attendance

"Hey Google - check in Dylan." Use your VOICE or our app to check children in and out. Worried about the morning rush? Don't! Check in multiple children at once - each with an individual timestamp.

Share Developmental Progress

Capture anecdotal observations with your voice and add photos via our app. Save time by pulling them into reports via just a few clicks. Track developmental progress towards milestones and goals. Share individualized reports at parent-teacher conferences, with child portfolios, and with accreditation programs and rating agencies.