GrowthChart is an app for the Google Home speakers that allows teachers to use their voice to document observations just by saying “Log a poopy diaper for Dylan” or “Diego needs more wipes”. All this is captured in our web app and at the end of the day your teacher can send you an electronic daily sheet just by saying “Send the daily sheet for Dylan and Diego”. Teachers can also ask questions to assist them, like “When was Christina’s last bottle?”.
Each child you’re sending a daily sheet for everyday uses the equivalent amount of paper as 1% of a tree. So for every 100 kids that are enrolled in GrowthChart, a tree is saved every year.


Privacy & Security

Keeping you and your child’s data safe is important to GrowthChart, as its innately personal. GrowthChart uses the latest security protocols to ensure the data about your child is secure. We use Google’s Firebase Authentication service in order to make sure only authorized GrowthChart users have access to data for their particular center.their particular GrowthChart data. Our data is encrypted and sent over SSL using 256 bit encryption.
The only individuals with access to your data is your child care center’s staff and a restricted set of authorized GrowthChart employees. If you are uncomfortable that GrowthChart is building a record of your child’s developmental history, please contact your center’s administrator to discuss their policy.
From our testing at centers, we’ve only seen 1% of kids have a developed enough voice to be able to trigger the Google Home Mini. For the one’s who could trigger it, they still cannot log to GrowthChart as their voice wouldn’t be setup to log for the center. We believe that the Google Assistant is your teaching tool, and therefore it’s important to teach the kids that it’s yours to use. For most kids, if you want to let them ask it a question you can trigger it through saying “Ok, Google” and then let them ask the question.