Grocery Shopping – Learning Through Daily Routines

Grocery shopping is a learning ground for teaching children about their environment, what kinds of food they eat, choices of food, about mathematics and compromising and taking risks such as tasting new foods. Before going on your shopping trip make sure to bring the children’s journals and some colored
pencils and a camera to document in pictures for their child portfolios. Some of the children will enjoy carrying the journals around and document what they see and observe. You could ask them some prompting questions after their trip such as “what was your favorite part of the trip?”, “which was your favorite green fruit or vegetable?” or “how was the hummus you tried at the store? Did you like it? What did you think of it?” “Some of you watched the scale as we weighed bananas, what happens to the arrow when we added a banana to the scale?” Questions like these will stimulate and provoke the children’s memories and create meaningful context around their experience at the grocery store. My students keep asking to go to the grocery store. They not only learned a ton but also enjoyed it very much! As you can see in our video, the children bought groceries, bought a bouquet of flowers for our “grandmas and grandpa’s” at the senior living and then even made a snack together! See the glee in their eyes, this is worth all the work involved!