Foreign Travel and New Languages


Learning a second language as a child has many undeniable benefits but when traveling with your little one to foreign countries, it’s crucial to be able to move around. Before traveling, or as soon as you know, set time aside and place on your calendar a specific time to practice. When learning with your children, please keep in mind that they like games. A game of bingo, google translate and some good bilingual books are a good start for them. Print out phrases from the internet, make flash cards, and use pictures to match the phrase. Practice common phrases in the car, on the way to anywhere, and during your family walks around the block. Here is a link with games that you may use for your language learning.

Trip Savvy has 6 different ways to learn a second language before travel. They recommend some apps like Duolingo, which is one my family is very familiar with. They have had good results with it, as long as they’ve stayed consistent. Other recommended programs are Pimsleur and BBC Language. If you
are one to learn more from a classroom setting, take a class at your local technical college. They have more opportunities to engage, interact and practice your new skills. You can then turn around and teach what you’ve learned to your children.

Taking on a new language takes effort, so start as soon as you know where you’ll be traveling to. It also requires consistency so make sure to put learning time on the calendar!