Entrepreneur and Teacher

Your new role as an entrepreneur and child care teacher. Be proud to call yourself a child care teacher. You are not a babysitter. You are educated, hard-working, patient and love children.  You are giving part of your heart to love other children, teach and care for them.  The difficult part of being a business person is that it is hard to differentiate your personal and professional lives. You are always in business. You yourself become a CEO without even knowing it. Your actions are underneath a microscope, what you say, who you say it to, how you said it, what you did, what you posted on social media and how you and your family behave is influential to how your business is represented.  So take a good look at the pros and cons when making your decision.

If you decide to continue in this realm of work, like anything, do your best and be open to learning new and better ways to do things. Being proud of your work and the care you give the children has great inner satisfaction. Nonetheless, this is a profession that never ceases to change. The same places as you take your initial courses are some of the same places you may continue your education.  Some states may have special funding or grants for continuing education, check with your Resource and Referral program and Department of Child and Families in your state.  Wisconsin Early Child Care Association (WECA) and Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA) are a couple of resources you could research and see how they can help.



Quality Standards and Continuing Education

Whether you choose to be licensed or certified in your state, you are required to take continuing education courses. Take those courses seriously. Working with children is not always easy and being knowledgeable about the field is extremely important. You are an enormous influence on the children you will care for. You will be helping shape and mold these children with results that influence their entire childhood and into adulthood. This job is extremely important. Always take courses that you feel will better your performance.  There are quality standards in early childhood that you will need to be aware of. Information on these will be available to you via your states Quality Rating and Improvement System. Click here to see which one your state uses.

Set Up and Time Space Percentage


Our home had the perfect set up. We had the whole downstairs to set up like a playroom and still keep our upstairs for our family (although this is only partially true).  You will find out about Time/Space percentages below. This will become a very important aspect of running your business.

One of the biggest things to consider when you open your doors to child care is that you no longer have a home, you have a business. You will need to determine how much of your home is used for business, how long you work and use the space. It is recommended that most of the space is used for some portion of the business as it will help with deductions taken when doing your taxes. In my home I had four rooms and a playroom where we spent most of the day. Each room had a playpen or crib in order to maximize our space used for business including cooking, cleaning and curriculum planning.

Click here for more information regarding time-space percentage.