My Story of Starting As An In-Home Child Care Provider

This choice came shortly after having my daughter. I was on maternity leave and I dreaded having to leave her. I knew she would be fine, but not me!  My husband rejected the idea, saying that we didn’t have enough space. At the time, I completely understood. We lived in a 900 square foot apartment on the outskirts of San Diego. Time went by and my daughter had difficulty adjusting and was eventually expelled from her child care because she “cried a lot”. This experience was heartbreaking for us.

Shortly after, we made the decision to move to Wisconsin where we were able to purchase a home with a big yard and plenty of inside space as well. Two months after moving to Wisconsin, on December 30th 2004, I was in a serious accident after losing control of my car as a result of hitting black ice. For those that have never heard of black ice, it’s ice that isn’t always seen on the road. It is dangerous and very slippery. I had many injuries from the accident and spent many months recovering. While in the recovery stage, I decided this was my time to revisit the idea of starting my in-home child care and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. My husband understood my determination.