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Classroom Digital Assistant
Use GrowthChart as your digital assistant to document observation, skills, incidents and activities. All hands-free and all in real-time. GrowthChart will allow you to spend more time educating and caring for our students rather than transcribing data. Read more here about how a digital assistant can help you in the classroom here...
Parent Engagement

Keep parents engaged in their child's activities with daily sheet notifications via email and/or text. Notify them of upcoming school activities, child needs, appointments and incidents. Provide information about child developmental milestones and discussion points for parent-teacher conferences.

Automated Reports

Automate reports to support quality indicators, accreditation programs and for parent communication. Utilize reports to understand outstanding requirements for documenting skills and observations related to standards to maintain accreditation with programs like Wisconsin's Model Early Learning Standards. Pull together shareable reports to use with licensing entities and at parent-teacher conferences with a few simple clicks.

Voice Controlled Technology

Experience the win-win of using GrowthChart as your classroom's digital assistant by leveraging the existing features of voice controlled technologies like Google Home or Google Home Mini. For example: set classroom timers, play music during nap time, use as an intercom system to communicate between rooms, set classroom schedule reminders, answer inquisitive children's questions, etc.; the possibilities are endless. 

The importance of early childhood education is at the foundation of GrowthChart's mission to:

Make an Impact, Create Joy and Invest in Tomorrow


GrowthChart is designed and priced to meet the needs of every shape and size of early childhood education center. It is perfect for the family childcare setting and is capable of handling the demands of center-based schools as well. Looking for a tool to use in the convenience of your home? We have parents covered as well!

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